Unpacking My Life

I am living amongst a sea of boxes. (A good illustration of how I feel (including the wine) can be found on Penelope Dullaghan's website.) Unpacking has been an exercise in organized chaos. Meaning that boxes were labeled so they've landed in the right room; but sometimes it is difficult to know just what to do with the contents! I love my new home but I'm finding that some of my art which I created for specific rooms in my other home feels a little out of place here. I suppose that is why my sister Toni told me that I should purge while I pack. This was a good suggestion - I was just too overwhelmed to follow her sage advice. I am still waiting for her bill. (She's the organization queen).

Anyhow in addition to finding some renewed energy and an urge to begin a new garden, I'm also feeling like building more book shelves and painting things in funky color palettes.

It's also time to plan a new manifesting change collage project - as soon as I unpack my art supplies. I wonder where those are.....

Have a wonderful and creative week.


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