Checking In - Backyard Gardens, Studio Spaces, & Teaching Opportunities

Ok, so I'm still unpacking and my cousin Melanie calls and (see picture) offered to help me hack down the underbrush in my new backyard. I told her I was not looking forward to doing this in the Spring. So Mel gets star treatment this week for that offer! Thanks Mel! I just love her!

The next thing on my list of things to unpack are all my paints, my easel and fabrics. Since my daughter announced today that she needs some fabric for her apparel development class at her new school I must make a new trek upstairs to my attic to hunt for the fabric box.. even though I hadn't planned to do any sewing in the very near future -

I have a new intriguing dilemma. My favorite room in the house has carpet. I'd rather not ruin the carpet in the bonus room with flying paint - but it has the best feeling in the afternoon sun. So I'm still debating on where to situate my creativity room/studio. My oldest son Chris is leaving for college in a few months - so I may convert his room to my studio. It faces the same direction as the 'bonus' room... hmmm that's a thought! Or I can go ahead and convert the entire attic - but all that storage space....

Another dear friend asked what happened to my local teaching plans. With the entire relocation I put everything on hold - but I've sent off a few emails just this evening to local places - I hope to resume my plans shortly and will keep you posted on this as the dates and times firm up. Thanks for the inspiration!
Be Creative!

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