Postcards from the Past

This past week I picked up a couple of good books I'd like to recommend. The first is called Visual Chronicles by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino. The second is Artist Trading Card Workshop by Bernie Berlin.

Visual Chronicles
inspired me to create a quick postcard instead of sending an email to my sister Toni. (I used a small picture of the postcard below to cut down on the jokes about 80's hair, goofy teenage phases, or braces.)

Anyway - to get me to give up email lately is like pulling teeth, but I really liked how Linda and Karen approach creative journaling - they inspired me when they said:

The real news of our lives is not in newspapers. We must chronicle our own adventures and achievements, our brilliant observations and our comic relief, our best friends and our greatest embarrassments.

Bravo ladies.

So, the postcard is not nearly perfect, it didn't take me the balance of the day to create, but instead of buying a card at the store complete with another person's sentiments - I included memories of our high school years. (those I could still remember) - and I'll send it on Monday with a bit of love.

In our next newsletter, I'll share all the materials I used to make it. What? You haven't subscribed?

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Now... Artist Trading Card Workshop is chock full of eye candy. Like a postcard, the artist trading cards are small, and can be created fairly quickly. The thing I like about this book is that it has detailed techniques that I have not found in other books I've purchased recently. In fact, you can use many of the techniques in larger art pieces - not just for ATC's.

Well that's about it for me tonight.. I'm off to bed!

Have a wonderfully creative Sunday!!!


Links to books I mentioned:

Visual Chronicles

Artist Trading Card Workshop


Crafty Green Poet said...

fun postcard!

Sann said...

oh wow, I have just been reading about ATCs on the web and I am participating my first ATC swap on swap-bot! I ordered a couple of supplies online and I will be creating 4 cards to swap. The theme is "vintage" so we just have to make the cards look old or retro. I am working on them now and will send you a pic if you'd like to see them.

Lise Richards said...

Hey Sann,

I would love to see pictures of your ATC project when you're finished! What techniques are you going to use to age the cards?