Love & Creativity

I enjoyed reading a book called Living Artfully by Sarah Magsamen so much that I sent this book to my sister Toni who, with two young girls and family far away, is VERY busy.

I wanted the book to be a reminder to her that having children does not have to mean that you must abandon your own creative projects. I know your time is shared, and your kids will require so much of your attention. That is until just around their 13th birthday when you suddenly become a sheer embarrassment - but until then, just know that your creativity doesn't have to wither away only to be reignited when the kids are out of the house, or after you retire! Creativity can show up in ways you haven't really planned for; and even better, can be cultivated together - which really is a whole lot more fun.

Your creativity is always there - even if you're not actively pursuing your past painting, singing, scrap booking or candle making projects. You might not recognize (or give yourself credit for) the creative muscle you're building when you bake cupcakes for your child's classroom; or traipse through yet another aisle looking for fabric for your teenager's apparel development class; or when you're out collecting scrap wood for a tree house you've planned to build with your kids. Let's not even mention the amount of creativity you need to keep a toddler engaged on the weekends. But nevertheless, your creative skills are there and growing.

So... be open, paint rocks, plant moon gardens, and decorate cookies with the thought that you are building an interesting life and making new creative dreams as a family. And when your kids are grown, they might actually appreciate your creative approach to life. Though they may just confuse creativity with love.

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