Go Play!

Never doubt that you already have everything you need to achieve all of your creative goals. You've had those skills for some time now. In fact, by the age of 10 you already possessed everything you needed for great success.

Remember how you loved art class and creative writing? You were a dreamer. You mastered multiplication, you learned to sew, and ride a bike. Maybe you were the neighborhood tether ball champion by age 8. In a typical play day, jumping ropes, watching out for others, and tie-dying some fabulous t-shirt were all part of your accomplishments.

You have already contributed to the goodness of the world and laid out all of the skills you'd need to tap into later. But as we get older, and are taught to be serious, we tend to forget the important stuff. So may this serve as a quick reminder to; Go Play.

As the world shifts, and things change so rapidly, many companies are actively looking for people with your skill set. They need your ability to think creatively and act boldly. The same way you did back when you were 7. Even the government has a department focused on creativity. Go figure.

So if you want your creativity to sustain and support you - even part time - it is imperative for you to re-imagine. Re-imagine yourself as a bright, gifted, playful, and imaginative child. You were you know - and still are. And all of those qualities and the products you create are in great demand throughout the world.

Creative people and the companies they run are in the lead; we are nimble and able to out-think, out-play, and in the long run, out-last.

Go play!


Pattie Mosca said...

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Thanks for your inspiration!!

Cheryl Finley: said...

Bravo, Lise!
Yes... Play, playing, playfulness...are the keys to a happy life...one of them at least. Even those of us who do play sometimes forget...and let things get to serious, so thank you for this reminder to "go play".
: )