How do you display your art?

oooo I'm having one of those days when I've seen so much cool work from various artists that I can hardly keep still.

I am working on the design of a child's bedroom. Kids have huge imaginations and I love the idea of having custom art collections for young people. I don't always like to hang prints or do murals though - especially in larger rooms, or rooms with more interesting architechture. And so this lets me explore a lot of dimensional artwork. Which then leads me to a lot of brilliant artists.

Already today I've seen a beautifully quilted art journal; and several custom-made dolls with lots of creative details. I love the deliciousness of pieces like these; but these are dimensional objects and not always suited for framing. Forcing you to think creatively.

Basically we all display art in three ways:

  • Sitting on the floor or pedestal,
  • Hanging directly on the wall, or
  • Suspended from the ceiling.

Now this is where things can get intriguing depending on the size of the art, its dimensions, the materials used in the piece, and the people in the home.

Size - Smaller art like ATCs can get lost if they are not in the right composition; while larger pieces may need to be secured with heavier hardware - even consulting with a structural engineer for the largest and heaviest artwork we can find. With the ATCs, these make very cool displays if you have a collection that can be divided by color. These can be used en masse, or as a border in a room. (especially cute in a studio or hallway)

Dimensional art - I use those shadow boxes for a lot of two dimensional art. I also like to dispense with the shadow boxes and paint squares and rectangles in alternating shades of paint for areas where I want to display a piece directly on the wall.

For busts and other heavy sculpture pieces I tend to sit those on bookshelves or desks. I don't use pedestals very often - especially in homes with small children.

I love using art dolls and quilts, in an area without natural light so that the object does not fade quickly. You can display items like these across several shelves making an instant focal point in the room. You can also secure dolls directly to the wall with art clips.

Fishing line works well for hanging some artwork directly from the ceiling. I like to use this for kids bedrooms and craft spaces. Lighter weight objects work well and don't require you to use a stud to secure the cup hook. Use a decorative hardware and a figure 8 knot to secure items and prevent falling.

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