Inspire Me Thursday - Limited Palette


This week at IMT, the topic is limited palette. In working on an idea for a few ATCs, I used the limited palette on the left. (The pale jade and grey colors on the right side of the card aren't scanning well)

After the palette was fixed. I made the surface design (first image) for the two coffee cups and applied it to the cups, altering the perspective a bit.

surface design

cup 1

cup 2




megan said...

the tea cup feels like it could dance off the page...i do like it! i also like that you showed the palette and talked about your approach.

fyi...i posted the source photo & some notes for my inspire me thursday piece in answer to your question...see link below...and thanks much for asking!

Patricia J. Mosca said...

This design is right up my alley!! LOve it! Love the colors...Now where can I buy one of those coffee cups? And can you make it in a mug style, cause I like a big o' cup of java!!

Judy Scott said...

wow this is brilliant, I love the colour palette and I really love the design. I think Chrysti was the first person I know to create inchies in paper and collage, hers are brilliant. Thanks for your visit, Judy :)

Deb G said...

Lots of fun! I like how you posted your palette as well as the design as separate pieces.

carla said...

These are so pretty! I love the designs on the cups, and the colors are great together. You really got a lot of fine detail on such a small surface.

Lise Richards said...

Thanks Carla - I guess I am used to working on smaller surfaces and using very fine lined pens. Years ago my artist friends told me that I would probably prefer a larger canvas because it means more freedom. So for a while I worked on huge surfaces. Now I find that I prefer the smaller size of the ATCs - I guess everything goes full circle... :-)

And Pattie - I made a mug just for you :-)

Cheryl Finley: said...

This is SO very cool, and pretty! I like seeing your process for creating ATCs (I've never done one). And I love that you desinged the "surface design" for the cup...and the shading on the 2nd cup. Wow! Your creative flair always inspires me! --and the colors, I love...very unique!

Nicole V Lozano said...

How fun to see you work through the color palette from start to finish. I enjoy it.

Julia said...

I would love to have cups like that !!