Hi everyone!

This has been a long week - and I am so looking forward to spending some time off at home next week shopping, researching some new recipes, baking, prepping and cooking.

But before that, I still have a few details to wrap up for the painting project for the wall


We'll get started on painting this project at the end of the month. It is a very cool curved wall created for an upscale salon in this area.

I so wanted to do a Moroccan theme with a beautiful pattern bringing in various earthy colors with a subtle glaze over top. But alas, we are probably going with a Venetian plaster finish in a warm ochre color. Yes, I think the color is a good choice for the dark wood finishes in the space - but I still fancy the other theme better.

And in other breaking news...

I also ran into my local Barnes & Noble this week and spotted a copy of Amy Butler's new book, Midwest Modern

pictured here -------->

What immediately caught my eye in the first few pages was Amy's description of Art & Life.

"I think that in everything we do, in every style of life, there is art to be found. Not just in the studios of talented artists, but in the gardens, homes, relationships, spirits, voices, and fashions of people you see every day."

If you know anything about my creative passions, you can see immediately why that quote resonates with me...

So I'm looking forward to reading Amy's book; and learning more about her approach to art and living.

What are you reading?

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