NBC17 Bloggers

So, I have to tell you about my evening... I was invited to an event hosted by Lisa Sullivan and the Community Group from NBC17. I was honored to meet an awesome group of bloggers.

Mostly the conversations were all about blogging, and our experiences/tips. Kudos to NBC17. They've done some very neat stuff in forming this blogging/community group.

Listed below are some fairly new blog links for you to check out. Make sure you leave comments - I have a feeling that they like reading comments as much as I do!




Lsullivan said...


It was a pleasure meeting you and Melanie last evening. Thank you so much for coming out to our second Blogger Meet Up. I know I learned some new things and hopefully, gained some new kindred spirits in the blogosphere too! :) I plan to add your link to my Blogroll as well.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Lisa Sullivan

Ashley Sue said...

Lise, we are so glad you and Melanie joined us! I am so excited, and my conversation with you and Wayne really got me itching to know everything I can on green ~ desperate to learn faster than I already wanted to!

I cannot wait to talk with you further on ecodesign for living spaces... I would love to hear your feelings on the newer BOC-free paints. I'm also curious about the aspects of scotchguard and flame-retardants on furniture. We'll talk soon!

Lise Richards said...

Hi Ashley Sue,

I could talk all day about the paint because we use it so often. If for no other reason that you're not constantly gasping for air while you're painting - you should definitely choose a low VOC paint over standard issue. We don't realize how harmful these fumes can be for us!

As for the scotchguard and flame-retardant materials. I know scotchguard is high fume level, so probably not healthy either. I haven't heard of a new eco-friendly formula yet have you? We are also looking at removing any flame-retardant fabrics from our kids pj collections!


maryann said...

it was a pleasure meeting you. I will continue to check out yoru blog and add you as a link on mine. Thanks again!!!

Cheryl Finley: said...

What a unique and very cool event to be a part of! It's great that the world is finding out more about you and the Artistic Lifestyling team. You've been quite busy! From your work being featured in the Artful Blogger publication - to expanded horizons for your company...and now this!
Life is indeed good...isn't it?

Keep shining, Artistic Lifestyling Team!

DaddyBall said...

Wow! I really think you are doing a very good job. Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas and tips you gave me. Here is a great Lone Star hello to you and your family.

Lise Richards said...

Thank you for the warm Texas greeting Marty!