I don't like to make resolutions for January 1st of a new year. Mostly because I think that we can resolve to change something at any given moment, not just when the ball drops in Times Square. Goodness knows I have changed many things in 2007. And happily the changes are for the better...

Yet tonight I feel compelled to announce a new resolution. So in 2008 I've simply decided to be more creative; and to devote time (a day, an hour, whatever it takes) each week to create a little piece of art. Right now I'm thinking it will be drawing, but it could be writing, sewing, designing, playing - whatever.... And maybe I'll even post the results to Etsy or the blog.

I have signed so many posts with the words "Be Creative" but I find myself drifting away from taking action and only admiring the great abilities of others. If this sounds like you, maybe you too will join me in this decision. Let it be something small if you are feeling overwhelmed by this thought. But take the step, buy the materials, do something to build your creative legacy and have a fantastically happy, wonderfully artistic, brain-building, fear-conquering, soul-stretching new year.

See you in 2008!


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Air said...

What is it that happens inside of us that prevents up from continuing to do what we were born to do? How can someone neglect a certain passion? Why does our creativity come to a screeching halt. How does one forget? Is it something in the past, something in the present? As artist and creatives I think we carry within us a creative spirit, which I think stems directly from a creative higher being, therefore the gift of artistic ability is a divine gift. Our way to live. So I join you in your persuit to take action.
I drifted away many years ago but I have finally reached my shore. And on my new island I will now find a new way to survive through my creativity and art.