Trends for 2008

I have been looking at the design "trends" for 2008 while we source new products. I've tracked the "hot news" from Europe back to the states. What I find really interesting is how the new products are presented - it's a treat to take a look at what's coming next. Since I love color and furniture I do like to see what's new; but I still prefer to do my own creative thinking; so I am using the list of trends for a creative jump start instead of fully embracing and copying them. So here's a glimpse of what I have seen for design and color in 2008.

Expect more color

We're seeing products that run the color spectrum - these are more vivid colors than we've seen in 2007. In fact, 2007 was all about neutrals, so the industry has almost done a complete revamp when it comes to colors. In a trade preview, we noticed that Pottery Barn has completely dispensed with the darker neutrals and features a rainbow of bright and bold color in their 2008 product line, using white and ivory as the backdrop to let the colors pop. We've also noticed a trend to use color in combination with greys and silvers.

Benjamin Moore has a paint line that corresponds with the Pottery Barn Products. So if you're interested in doing a feature wall in a bold shade, check them out. They still have more blues and greens, than they have reds and yellows; so don't worry about going with a color that is too overwhelmingly bold for your space. The greens and blues are still relaxing colors to use. I am anxiously waiting for the Yolo Colorhouse 2008 color collection to see what they are up to.


Ok, so if you haven't noticed in 2007 there were a lot of graphic patterns everywhere. This continues into 2008. They are lovely, but this is an area that I think has the potential to be compared with the Avocado Green and Harvest Gold kitchen appliances from the 70's. So, because I do like the graphic patterns, I may invest. But not in a carpet - I'd go for the wall decals in a bold but removable graphic.

Eco-Friendly Design

This isn't going anywhere, at least as long as there is a threat of global warming - so I'm not sure it can be called trendy. Still I thought we should highlight this here as it is a growing segment of interior design. To highlight, we should be demanding that our products are:

  1. from sustainable, reclaimed or recycled sources
  2. energy efficient
  3. chemical and pesticide free
  4. fairly traded
  5. comfortable and beautiful
Eclectic Looks

When we hear the word "eclectic" in design we may think of a collection of unmatched furniture, and personal decorative items which are brought together to create a stylish room. Though I think it also encompasses global fusion and the melding of design styles like country and urban. This is the preferred way to design in my book - turn things around and make a personal statement; so I am glad it's being highlighted in 2008.

Ok so back to my remark about the Avocado Green and Harvest Gold kitchens. At one time or another someone decided this was trendy. hmmm. I'll just wrap by reminding you that there are no rules, do what you love!

Happy New Year!



Ginny said...

Hi Lise. This is Ginny, we met at the NBC17 blogger meetup last month. I was the one who joked that I would need your help picking out colors to paint my new apartment. Well, I decided on sour apple green walls with white trim. Then I painted the cabinet doors with black chalkboard paint and wrote quotes I love all over them in colorful chalk. It looks so funky and cool!!! I guess that's what you would call "eclectic"! Hope all is well!

Lise Richards said...

Hi Ginny!

I remember our conversation - I am so glad you went for some color on your walls. I love apple green - it's got a lot of energy to it, but because it's green, it's also restful. Please send me photos! I'd love to see how everything turned out.