Inspiration & Dream Boards

Inspiration and Dream boards are found in a few rooms in my house. My kitchen, office, and bedroom each have one. I use them to capture ideas and organize goals and project ideas.

The inspiration board featured here was created from an large 60's picture frame. It hangs in my office and contains a few photos, product prototypes and labels. I have used the board as a frequent background for our product photos.

Dream and Inspiration photos deserve to be embellished too. In fact this idea inspired the Align :: Creative Organization Collection. We've created small custom push pins, magnets, and tacks that reflect the design of the rooms they're used in. Beads, buttons, vintage earrings & small brooches, and brass or copper findings dress up the every day push pin and add that special detail to your room. (I've found that they are also useful for casual curtain and simple panel tiebacks too...)

Now my kids are getting into it. A few weeks back my oldest son and I went shopping for one of his very own. My son quickly posted a photo of new sneakers, a dream car, and some other short term goal reminders. He doesn't have his own tacks yet, but we did hang the board with some beautiful decorative hardware in copper. I'm telling you, it's the details that make the design.

My next project board will be made from a vintage picture frame and some sheet metal. I love the contrast of new and shiny and I also want to use these custom and oh so adorable decorative magnets.

How do you hang your inspiration?


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