Keep your Stories

It’s 4:34 a.m. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that it’s highly unusual for me to be up at this time writing anything. But I was awakened by a dream about my mom that has urged me out of bed to write this to you.

As you know from the last few posts, I’m working on a new project for my company. It’s called The Keeping Collection. Over the past several weeks I have been knee deep in researching just the right product lines to offer. I’m working alongside three women and one man who are at different stages in their lives. Long before this collection came about, each of these people had already taken time to document the things they love in various ways. So in some ways we are all connected to this project by our love of documenting the life story.

This is so important because we all have a finite number of days here and as I am knee deep in all of this research about all sorts of things, I realized that it’s not the products that are important. It’s why you choose to keep certain things for certain people. That’s what this collection represents. It represents a commitment to taking the time to keep your legacy (ideas, dreams, fleeting thoughts, memories of your past, artwork, etc.) alive, along with all those pretty little gifts.

So what really got me out of bed this morning was this thinking that there are plenty of people (and this is specifically not reserved for moms) but everyone who lets each day slip past without preserving your outlook on life for the people that matter to you.

I definitely appreciate seeing photos but I also want to see the full, in-depth journals; the heart felt letters; mindless doodles; house plans; kitchen storage ideas; anything that gives me a richer picture of the person. In fact, the single most important thing that I would have wanted is a hand-written journal from my mother. Written specifically for me over the years, to Lise the 28 year old daughter she never met, and the 35, and to the future 40, and even the 90 year old. I often wonder what she would want me to know at these stages of life.

So this is what drives me to create this collection, and something for my own children as well. I have plans to turn this blog into a book for my kids. Any personal blog is, in fact, a perfect addition to a keeping collection. And we'll show you how to do that too if you want.

What else will I keep?

What I miss are the recipes for cooking and baking things that my mom and grandmother probably found effortless – yet in some cases, I can’t discern just the right ingredients anymore. So I would keep my every day recipes.

I miss hearing them laugh. So I will record a few conversations.

I wonder what they would have said about various situations I’ve found myself in. I missed out on years of advice. From their perspective, what did I need to know? What was important to them? I would share that advice.

I will tell my family how I see them in this world and how often I tell other people about their accomplishments. I'll throw in my hopes and dreams for each of them and not just once, but often enough for them to get a real picture of how they've changed and grown throughout the years.

What are you going to keep?

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