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Interior and Exterior Design is one way to help you fall in love with your own home again. (And yes, you can do it yourself.) Many people live in one house for years, and can't see all the potential in your own space that is offered through change by rearranging, reorganizing and purging your stuff. The crazy housing market of late, makes it that much more important to take another look at your home and consider remaking the space rather than selling up to a larger home with the possibility of more risk.

This is one reason I love the Room Design Tools we feature from Canvas Home Basics. First, they're inexpensive, and when you are ready to spend money on paint, furnishings, and materials, this is one way to ensure that they all will fit in as planned. The other reason is that they are easy to use and bring out your creativity in ways you can't even imagine. Finally, some of the designs I have seen of late are so worthy of framing and hanging on a few walls as art pieces.

We have already sent out a few as gifts to some of our Etsy shoppers - We have a few more to give away as surprises with purchases. I love surprises.

Hope you do too...





What a great idea!
Thank you so much!

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Red River Interiors said...

love the boards...they can be a great way to show possibilities to clients.
Once I was assigned a project to make one by a former manager. I didn't know where or how to start...could have used such a kit as yours. Instead I had to do it all by hand...cut, glue, look for pictures...ect. It took me a week to get it together!! I'll recommend Room Design Tools to others... Thanks...Fay

Lise said...

Design boards can definitely be time consuming that's for sure - but you're right Fay, this kit sure does make it so much easier.

mcdc3s said...

These are the coolest tools I've ever seen. They are addictive and just plain fun.

Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

Love your blog. So creative! Glad I found my way to it. Thanks so much for the comment:)

pve design said...

One of my favorite things are to make "Mood or Inspiration Boards" and I still do this today. If I really need to get an idea across or if something is bothering me, I make a board to manifest what I want
and suddenly it comes to fruition. Your design tools really are fantastic! What an inspiration!

Artistic Lifestyling said...

re what pve design said:

I do the same thing for many aspects of my life, not just design. Those inspiration boards work well, and so do mind maps :-)