Happy Mother's Day

This special post was submitted by our interior design partner Yolanda Ellis in anticipation of Mother's Day.

Decoupage is a crafting technique of decorating an object by gluing paper onto an object. This is seen on boxes, frames or other objects that you can think of that can be covered or decorated with paper. The idea to decoupage a vase with memorable mother and child pictures was inspired by my many occasions when my lovely husband blessed me with beautiful flower arrangements for Valentine's Day, birthdays or a just because I love you day.

I am a working mom and love fresh flowers on my desk but I also love having pictures of my loved ones around me. Every time I would get new flowers, I was faced with the dilemma of too many things on my desk. I have to remove some pictures to get my flowers on my desk or put my flowers somewhere else. Well I have learned over the years that one problem for one person adds up to be a problem for many others. Then the light bulb comes on..why not decoupage all the pictures you love on a vase.

Then you can conserve space and you can have your flowers and pictures too. As a mom what great joy it is to come to work and see pictures of your loved ones and topped with a beautiful floral arrangement especially with your favorite flower(s). My favorite is the Anthurium plant. I love tropical plants. By using a plant potted in your special vase this does not last for just one week of joy but all year long. This is a handmade gift that is personalized with love.

Design suggestions:

- Any planter can be used to do this technique

- For Mother's Day - use pictures of vacation, special moments that you both shared, notes of inspirational words, poems.etc. Decoupage this on the planter you selected.

- Herbs can be planted in the vase as an alternative to flowers or plants for the Mom who likes to cook and they place it in the kitchen or window seal.

- This is also a great gift for Moms in nursing homes or assistant living centers for a gift that keeps on giving.

- You can also embellish the containers with a unique ribbon or word magnets from Artistic Lifestyling

How to do this project:

Items needed:

- A vase or planter or container
- Decoupage glue - found at your local hobby store Picture here
- Dry cloth
- Scissors
- Pictures/poems/inspirational words
- Sponge brush
- Ribbon
- Embellishments, optional but highly encourage to apply with a hot glue gun
- Hot glue gun (use to adhere embellishments)
- Potting soil (if using to plant herbs or a plant)
- Plant or herb or fresh flowers


1. Choose your container and make sure it's clean and dry

2. Gather your pictures - and photocopy (either all black and white or all in color)

3. Make a collage with the pictures on the table before you start gluing.

4. It's helpful to brainstorm before you start.

5. Use photo copies instead of original pictures.

6. Make sure the ink is dry if you have printed them from an inkjet printer at least 24 hours

7. Then tear the pictures to give irregular edges or cut them to give them a clean edge.

8. Once you decide where you want to place the pictures on the vase then start gluing the pictures onto the vase or container. Cover each picture thoroughly with glue or artist gel medium. After the entire vase has been covered with your pictures then apply 2 layers of decoupage glue. Allow the vase to dry for 1 to 2 hours.

9. Finally plant your Mom's favorite flower, herb or place a fresh bouquet of flowers inside.

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Such great suggestions.
I hope you had a great Mothers Day Weekend!