Art for Kids

Most parents have an arsenal of drawings from their kids school art projects. From kindergarten through high school I myself have collected more than my fair share of beautiful scribbles and awesome doodles. Yet, if we only collect and save art from our kids, we're missing out on a valuable lesson in creativity, and perhaps your children's first investment pieces in art.

Here are a few links to some artists who create art that would be ideal for your children's art collections:

- Keith Norval
- Kristiana Pärn
- Amber Alexander
- Jelene's Pop Art
- Maggie's World

Once you've started the collections for them, let the kids help pick their new additions. They will appreciate visiting galleries and art shows to speak with the artists and look at art just as much, (if not more than) the adults. You'll know they're completely hooked when they start spending their allowance on new pieces.




Fay said...

I've been taking my son to Border's for 11yrs for book readings and book signings...He's very creative and loves drawing of which I have saved many...We also have the pleasure of living near DC and visit the National Gallery of Art & Cochran Gallery often....all for free!!...Thanks for an artistic post... we're hooked on art... Fay

Fay said...

Hey Creative:

I forgot to mention some time ago that your new header is the font and the lower case...Fay



That's a great start!

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