Style Points: Creative Home Project Files

In my last post, I talked about taking certain aspects of your lifestyle with you when you're traveling. I guess it should be no surprise that part of my traveling arsenal would include my creativity kit. I can't go anywhere without a way to doodle, sketch or take notes about something. Though my Moleskines are full of new design ideas, this is nothing in comparison to my style project files I keep at home. Actually, files are an understatement. Library seems more accurate.

So what's in my project files? Well, they can be classified narrowly by home and garden design; art and workshop design projects; and food and event plans. However, each area naturally bleeds over into the next. So that when I plan a party for my friends, I may sketch out the seating arrangements, traffic patterns and table scapes. And when I do a new art project, I also map out the steps for how to transform it into a workshop.

At a minimum, my project files always contain journal sketches, product lists, material specifications, room layouts, resource names/addresses, color/material swatches and inspiration/wishlist type comments for functional and emotional considerations.

In our October Artistic Lifestyling newsletter, I disclose how you can plan, organize and consult your own portfolio so that you can begin to articulate your ideas for creative home projects. If you'd like to subscribe, the link can be found on our website.

Be creative!


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