Style Points: Make your Statement

In addition to paint, one of the easiest way to make a bold statement is by adding words to your walls.

I love the idea of having words on walls. In my last home, I chose to add a simple reminder to my wall. It read, "When you dream, dream big." This was before I knew about Wonderful Grafitti and other wall word companies. So, I made my own wall words by hand. Here are the very easy instructions:

  1. Think about what you want to say. Quotes, recipes, names, ideas. They all have a place somewhere.
  2. On your computer, choose a font in the size of your choice. Type up your quote and print it out.
  3. Choose a good location for your words.
  4. With transfer paper behind your paper, trace the outline of the letters onto your wall. (Make sure the words are even!)
  5. Fill in the outline with paint. I use paint pens and small brushes for this project.

This technique can also be used to transfer more than words. Try adding your doodles and other drawings to the wall. Combine design elements to create a custom mural.

Loew Cornell Transfer Paper  multi-pack pack of 4 sheets

If you'd prefer the simplest method visit Wonderful Grafitti for inspiration and order directly from the company or your designer.

Either way...

Be Creative!



Sann said...

Hello--I found your website via a link to you on Moleskeinrie. I am in NC too! I found that "Wonderful Grafitti" website some time ago and have been trying to decide which wall I want accent with words. Where is your company located?

Lise Richards said...

Hi Sann!

I think the Wonderful Grafitti place is awesome. I told Mary, (the owner) yesterday that I love the way she allows people to express their artistic side with words. I'd suggest doing more than one room with words. They have some awesome inspiration on their website.

We are located just outside of Raleigh.