Style Points: Living Away from Home

I do a fair bit of traveling for my job. After my first several business trips, I discovered that when I am on the road it is important to treat myself well. A night spent alone in a nice hotel, with room service and a good movie or book can be a real blessing. An extended stay, however, can really start to bring on homesickness. So, here are my tips for taking your 'lifestyle' on the road:

  • Stay connected - Time stands still for no one, and I don't want to miss important events and deadlines. Organizing and planning allow me to easily keep in touch with what's going on at home when I am away. My favorite is a blank notebook, but you can choose from engagement calendars, phonebooks, notebooks, or electronic devices/PDAs. All the important details stay with you and make it easy to stay in touch.
  • Photos - In the back of my planner I have pictures of my family. This used to be sufficient, but now with the latest round of baggage restrictions I left the large planner and my photos behind. But no bother what with all the online photo storage providers; I can access family pictures where ever I am in the world through my internet connection. Luckily you don't even need to lug a laptop through security as my phone gets me connected to the internet in a snap. I guess this is a new twist on the "picture phone"!
  • Scents - Have you ever stayed in a non-smoking room that reeked of smoke anyway? I have! And trust me when I tell you it's no fun for a non-smoker. So now, if I am staying overnight anywhere, I always bring scented travel candles to freshen the hotel room. Even when there is no stale air, the candles familiar scent helps me relax in the new environment.
  • Portable creativity - Any seasoned traveler spends a great deal of time waiting around in an airport or between meetings. My portable creativity "kit" includes a moleskine journal, markers, and pens. I can take it out and sketch my surroundings; plan an event; doodle or dream journal. Making the wait in the airport - well, bearable.
  • Bring a good book - My girlfriend and I were discussing a few new books she began reading on her last business trip. A week-long convention allowed her to finish an exciting new novel in a few nights time; a feat that may not have been completed if she had been at home. Traveling allows for many reading opportunities, so I don't travel without having something good in my bag. Check out our gift shop, where we feature our recommended books and products related to our blog posts. You might find a good book for your next trip!

Enjoy your time away!


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Lise said...

Hey Lise, greetings from Australia. Found a post on you in and checked out your blog! And you're a Lise too, love that synchronicity. Love the energy from your site and the work you're doing! Love, Lise 2 x