Style Points: A Creative Costume

So this weekend, while at the mall with my daughter, we discovered this adorable lion costume at Pottery Barn Kids. I thought it would be adorable on my son Ethan (on the right).

But I decided not to buy it. I am determined to make one instead. And now, with that decision made, I'm doing research for a quick and easy costume idea, for a sewing novice. It doesn't look too difficult to make, but I would appreciate any pointers/ideas. If you have any patterns or ideas you can recommend for a simple lion costume, please post them or send them to me. Ethan and I thank you!

Be Creative!


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Laura Burke said...

Here is a link to a lion costume pattern you may want to try!,1789,HGTV_3326_1376888,00.html

Good luck! Be sure to post your results if you decide to try it. I love to read your posts! You are a new and improved Martha Stewart!!!!!!! Martha with flavor!!