Style Points: Surprise Passageways

I had one of those recurring dreams this morning. No surprise that it was about an old house that I seem to own. The intriguing part of this dream seems to be the need to explore the home. It was not designed using a conventional floorplan as there are various hidden staircases all around that lead to rooms you might not stumble upon for years at a time.

So this "dream" house prompted me to look for ways to incorporate secret doors into home design. I was amazed to find a few companies that provide faux bookshelves that are really a passage to another room. There are also movable stairs, furniture and fireplaces. That panic room you saw in the Jodie Foster movie is indeed doable.

This design element sparks a lot of creativity. You can make a hideaway art studio, office, storage for valuables, or even a 'secret' passageway linking children's bedrooms; small enough for children to climb inside and dream up lots of fun. Or like me, you can just dream about it, literally.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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