Style Points: Creative Tables

Accidents happen. But accidents can be turned into something beautiful. I'm not talking about the accident with your Thanksgiving turkey; I'm talking about the broken china and other pieces you can use to create a beautiful table.

So this holiday, when your special guest accidentally drops your last Lenox plate, pick up the pieces and be creative! When the holiday hoo-ha settles down, you can start designing and executing a table for Thanksgiving 2007!

Here are some directions for making something beautiful out of any broken dish accident!

Mosaic Tables

broken china (flat pieces)
broken glass (tempered auto glass from the auto glass repair shop works very well for mosaics)
large sponge
tile adhesive
tile cutters
table top

Map out a design for your table or other structure. Depending on the surface, you can transfer the design using transfer paper or just wing it. I'd suggest doing something unusual. If you're taking the time to create a mosaic, you might as well do something spectacular!

Find Inspiration Here

And Here Too!

Break the tile or china pieces into desired size. Use the tile cutters to clip edges as required.

Apply tile adhesive to the back of the tile or china piece. Apply to the table.

Once all tile/china has been applied, grout and let dry.

Wipe all grout away with the wet sponge.

Then set the table for the kids (or the grownups) and enjoy a good meal!

Be inspired!


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