Style Points: My Favorite Hostess Gifts

A close friend of mine is invited to what promises to be a fabulous party at the home of another friend. She asked me to give her a few ideas of what to bring the hostess.

Here are my suggestions:

If you're crafty, you may want to make some hostess gifts for all those parties you've been invited to this year!

  • For the hostess that loves to bake; create a beautiful layered chocolate chip cookie mix in a large glass jar. (Canning jars are beautiful for this gift). Simply layer the appropriate ingredients - white and brown sugars, flour, chocolate chips. Write up a pretty a tag with the directions on how to whip up the cookies. Tie the tag around the top of the jar with a pretty ribbon or raffia.

  • Make and give scented candles or handmade soaps in a pretty container.

  • Many friends send you pictures of their kids during the year. Take those pictures and create a mini scrapbook or collage project. They will love this - and I promise, they won't receive another quite the same.

  • Create a small gift basket, fill it with things that have a special meaning for the family. Some possible themes: Game night: popcorn, candy, and a classic video; Gourmet chef: exotic spices, hand-printed recipes, oven mitts; or Creativity Box: Crayons, markers, good paper and journals.

  • Share your gifts - If you specialize in a specific art medium, bring a small sample to your host or hostess.

If you've run out of time to create something just stop by the book store and grab a book or two. I like to pick one up with a title that they may not think of buying for themselves. In fact, this is my favorite gift of all, because depending on the title - it keeps on giving when the party is over.

Enjoy your next party!


Update :: Visit Gabriela Delworth's website and inquire about ordering a beautiful crown for a birthday girl. The crowns are truly something to treasure!

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