Style Points: Creative Weekends In from the Cold!

It's been hovering in the 30's and 40's overnight at my house lately. Though it's perfect power walking weather, I'm not spending much time outdoors when the sun's not shining bright or I'm not VERY active. So, to mark this transition back indoors, I decided I needed to do something creative over the weekend.

I started two collage projects for my kids. I'm not finished yet, but I have one jungle and one ocean theme started. This is the jungle where grandparents peek out at you through bamboo stalks; and an ocean where my two-year old floats with some big, colorful fish. I am planning to add a poem to each canvas. Maybe about jungles and oceans or fish and trees. I love the way a collage seems to draw you in. People stop and stare, hoping to find themselves on the canvas. It's fun, magical almost.

My next project will likely involve beads. I'm debating about whether to make a couple of beaded valances for my daughter's room, or a beaded light fixture for over her tub. Either project will likely add an opulent vintage appeal. These projects are soooo girly and creative, but they give me what I seek in most of my projects... INSTANT GRATIFICATION!!!

So I'm looking forward to seeing YOUR completed projects, whatever they may be.

Be Creative!


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