Style Points: My Trends

Forget what someone tells you is trendy. You know what’s trendy? Your thoughts are trendy. Follow them.

Today my thoughts tell me that my home should be a work of art. A work forever in progress.
I am one of those people who is meant to wander from space to space, dragging beloved objects, photos, art, and collectibles. Placing these objects in different spots; to use, to view, to admire, to let these things inspire all of us.

I'm wishing for a cold snap, because I want to sit in my home, and turn on my fireplace. Grab a good book, write down my dreams, and new projects. Today I want to do some research, bake some homemade cookies, & drink a good glass of wine. I want to appreciate the meal I make tonight with my own two hands. I want to understand where my children are coming from.

My next projects involve new workshops, and creative ideas on displaying the things from people I love. I want to use heirlooms not just live with them in my cupboards. I am thinking about painting my walls in bright colors, and expanding the painted chalkboard in my studio to take over a big wall. That way I can give myself permission to write on walls and make pretty pictures every day. So, forget trends. Live your legacy. And by all means...

Be Creative!


---Sometimes I Sits and Thinks image of a quilt by Valarie Jean Bailey.

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