Style Points: 85 Gift Ideas for Creative People

Gift giving is a selfless act. Except when you give to a creative person. Because whenever your gifts spark new ideas or revive dormant creative interests you are sure to receive something in return. Your life is immediately enriched. Craft store gift certificates are an obvious choice for the creative people in your life - but if you want to make it a bit more personal - try these gift ideas:

  1. Blank canvases
  2. Oil, watercolors, acrylic paints
  3. Storage boxes for art supplies
  4. New portfolios
  5. Digital camera and supplies
  6. Photo paper
  7. Palettes
  8. Color charts
  9. Website or blog templates to create an online presence
  10. Paintbrushes
  11. Assorted gel mediums
  12. Workshops or classes
  13. Jump drives for storing file photos
  14. Beads
  15. Wire
  16. Art Paper (use it for drawing, painting, coloring, or ripping)
  17. Felt
  18. Fabric (silk, cotton, wool, scrap, etc.)
  19. Tile
  20. Books on various art subjects
  21. Moleskine Journals
  22. Markers
  23. Colored Pencils
  24. Scrapbook supplies
  25. Museum or performance tickets
  26. Framing
  27. Library card or book store discount card
  28. Yarn, twine, string
  29. Marbles
  30. Grout
  31. Special lights for taking good photos
  32. Gourmet or specialty food ingredients
  33. Trip to an artist's retreat
  34. Tools (hammer, saw, power, blowtorch, etc.)
  35. Lumber
  36. Nails
  37. Metal
  38. Storage space
  39. Car or truck hitch for hauling big stuff
  40. Unpainted furniture
  41. Baskets
  42. Art pens
  43. Studio or organized work space
  44. Easel
  45. Work clothes
  46. Work desk
  47. Large planning/bulletin board
  48. Ribbon
  49. Clay
  50. Glaze
  51. Needles (crochet, knitting, sewing)
  52. Dried flowers
  53. Shells
  54. Patterns
  55. Stencils or wall words
  56. Plastic
  57. Folders
  58. Computer
  59. Software
  60. Business cards
  61. Marketing support
  62. Utensils or kitchen gadgets
  63. Letters
  64. Stickers
  65. Blocks
  66. Screen printing materials
  67. Storage bottles
  68. Bags (cellophane, canvas, paper)
  69. Subscriptions (magazines, book clubs, websites)
  70. TV channels (upgrade from basic cable)
  71. Kiln
  72. Jewelry findings
  73. Seeds or Plants
  74. Design assistance
  75. Stamps

And 10 things you can do that won't cost a thing...

  1. Listen
  2. Encourage
  3. Participate
  4. Support
  5. Organize
  6. Be on time
  7. Attend
  8. Relax
  9. Forget excuses
  10. Expect something special


Teresa said...

This is an interesting list. I never thought of buying business cards, but it makes perfect sense!

Thanks for posting!

Tracy said...

Thanks Lise. I used the list when I wen to the stores over the holiday shopping season. I bought my brother a few things off of the list and ended up making a gift bag you'd probably be proud of!