If you're reading this, you've made it to 2009...

If you'd asked me what the difference between this year and last was - I'd have to say it was the absence of political primary banter on television. You see, last year my resolution should have been to watch Michael Phelps and the presidential primaries because that is what I was doing instead of being more creative (which was my real resolution) and though obviously very interesting, I did not find much creative inspiration on CNN. The Olympics were inspiring - but unfortunately not for my creativity.

Now with all the global economy changes I've decided turn off the bad news and get out more. Outside in my garden, out of Raleigh, and out of the country. For me this is a huge change from being glued to the television for hours.

I'll be posting more mobile blogs and tweets and hopefully a picture or note in the photo journal may somehow help you find your own muse and inspire you to get out and see more.

I'd love to see places you recommend, so if you have any ideas 0r would like to meet us out on the road - please send me your ideas.




Ariel said...

Great article, I have my own blog www.homesweethomeblog.com. I would love to add you to my blog roll and hope you will do the same - let me know your thoughts. I am also part of www.ShesConnected.com you should check it out and add your profile, it's a great way to promote your business and blog.

I look forward to connecting with you and continuing to read your blog.


Anonymous said...

You have been the first blogger that I become linked to. I am not a regular blogger and I am sorry for that. Other Blog post require my attention. I honestly have things that just come and go as each day arrives in my real life. All types of issues, topics, frustrations, ideas, and a full time job that comes with the territory. I hope to connect to people who will love me for who I am by the time I feel I want to close up each night and gear for the next days journal. It's so strange in my case. I enjoyed writing as a young child. Finding myself writing again even with a busy schedule must tell me something. I don't know what it is but that's what nice about this. I have a mission and my journey to fulfill. Wish me luck.